Jammu & Kashmir is the sixth largest state in India-included the area occupied by Pakistan & China. The crown of India lies in the extreme north of the county and shares international boundary on three sides with China, Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is bounded in the south by Himachal Pradesh and Punjab.

The capital of Jammu & Kashmir is Srinagar which is situated around the Dal Lake. The mountainous state is blessed with some extreme beautiful famous places like Srinagar,Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Pahalgam, Yousmarg. There are lot of garden, river & lake.

Every year many travelers especially honeymooners are attract to Jammu & Kashmir tourism. There are lot of famous tour like Srinagar Tour , Gulmarg tour, Kashmir Tour. The Kashmir valley is also very popular for different type of adventure sports that it offers like Golf, Skiing, Paragliding, River Rafting, and Trekking.

The state blessed with lofty snow clad peaks, deep gorges, glaciers, lush green meadows and verdant valleys full of Chinar Trees, beautiful silvery lakes, charming flora and fauna, making it a “Paradise on Earth”.

Jammu & Kashmir has a very rich history and a distinct culture where people of all faiths live in perfect harmony; it houses some of the most sacred temples, mosques, monasteries and caves. Kashmiri handicrafts are well known all over the world.

The ancient traditions of crafting peppier Mache, wood carving, carpet and shawl making etc. The world’s highest observatory is to be set in Hanle, Ladakh in 1999. A visit to this Paradise, resplendent in nature’s glory, will linger long in the memory of the visitors.

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